Norway - Sweden 2005

Welcome to our Scandinavia Expedition 2005 pictures! Now also with the first film, partly destroyed by a stupid worker in a fotolab in Narvik. And there is also a map of Sarek with our trek and some info (in Czech)


Onboard the Peter Wessel ship sailing from Denmark to norwegian Larvik. For free, of course:)

The ferry port in Fredrikshaven, some army ships in background

Watter wind power stations - also Danish people pretend the "ecological" power generation

A small island by the Danish coast with a lighthouse (zoomed in)

Another island, but in Norway, close to Larvik

The lake by Larvik, the place of rest, bath and loundry

Vigeland's monolith in the Frogner's park in Oslo - lots of bodies, hands and legs surrounded by many sculptures of another bodies... art, probably.

Crossing the main ridge of the Scandinavian mountain (not too demanding), far ahaed is almost Sweden, by the lake is a group of huts "Sorjos"

A photogenic mountain by the lake

Me on our first bridge (until here we always had to ford) over Staddajahka

A herd of reindeers by the trail

A distant reindeer

A detail of the previous picture

Hills in the valley of Stalojahka, father you see it ending in Virihaure, Padjelanta's largest lake

Virihaure lake by Staloluokta, norwegian mountain in backrground

The Alatjakka masif from the Padjelanta hiking trail

Ivana on my backpack, same place

Raindeers everyhwhere (taken from the tent)

A group of lakes on Tuotar, you have to cross some of them on stones

Tens of kilometers of rusty reindeer fences run through the country

bohužel právě tudy teď půjdeme...

The first sunny day in Sweden. After two rainy days by the Algajavvre lake, sialing on the rowing boats and a visit of the Laponian chapell, we can finally see the beauty of Sarek.

The second one from the two rainy days we in fact did not spend by the lake, but we moved some 2 kilometers to the east, until we got disgusted by wet bushes and mud. Our tent attracted two otehr groups, so we formed an interesting camping.

Algavagge, Sarek. Note the fresh snow on the mountain.

Probably Lanjektjahka, Sarek. Red color on this and following pictures comes from enlightning the film by the laboratuer in Narvik.

The main masif of Sarek, Sarektjahkka, from the distance.

Axel Hambergs topp (or some hill around), Sarek

Sarektjahka close-up with remarkable galcier, which has retreated about 700 meteres in last 100 years.

Having the broken film "proffesionally" extracted from the camera (what led to damage of some of the previous pictures) we can finally after a week take some pictures. Such a nice view you get when hitch-hiking from Narvik to the North. Ahead is the Ofoten area, about 2 hours of driving around this fjord.

Dawn at Vesteralen islands with one of the inter-island bridges

Same place, looking back over the petrol station

Foggy day on Lofoten during an adventure expedition outside the main road

Somwhere on the Vestvagoy island (from now on always on Lofoten) during lunch. Next to my honey you see the car of two yuond Swedes with whom we travelled for two days.

Probably around Vikten on Flakstadoy, note the fishnig village ander the mountain

Rocky valley on the way the Nesfjord

The famous fishing village of Nesfjord (where you are probably even required to pay for entrance) lies at the end of a wild valley around a short fjord and is said to preserve traditional Lofoten culture (ehm,ehm)

A closer look on Nesfjord shows its rocky surroundings and layers of white seagull shit on the roofs...

Seagull colony in the middle of Nesfjord with some constructions to dry the fish above

Looking back around the coast from Moskenesoy, the last island we can reach

Last kilometers of the E10 road roll around the south coast of Moskenesoy from one fishing village to another

The end of the road. In the village of A (with the circle) ends not only the E10, but all the paths and from here you can go on only with a boat. Far behind me it rainds on the isolated island of Vaeroy.

Lookign at the rocks down to the water, one is not so curios about the end of the road. On of the rare clear moments in A.

A seagull on the cliffs under the camping in A

Underwater photography! One of the šmall pools around the line of the high tide in A with an abundance of sea life - corals, sea shells and here with planty of sea hedgehogs, pictured trough the surface, where you see the shadow of my head.

A little unshapr view back around the coast from the Sorvagen transmitter

Vaeroy again, from the cliffs below the transmitter

another pool with teh coral cave, shadow provided by Ivana

Many crab-pilgrims live in the pools

The only footpath in A to the ither side of the islands leads over this ridge. We did not visit it due to the bad weather.

The most photographed road sign in Norway (we have to stay in the queue)

Leaving Lofoten on the long ferry Svolvaer-Skutvik

A dramatic scenery of evening Lofoten

Hamaroy, the mainland counterpart to Lofoten landscape, in the distance, where the ferry sails

The melon yoghurt desgin has changed (see Norway 2004!